Alchemy Renewable Energy

Who We Are

What We Do

Alchemy Renewable Energy purchases and constructs development assets as well as buys and sells turnkey projects. By doing so, we convert unused parcels of land, including but not limited to reclaimed mines, fossil fuel brownfield sites, and landfills into productive capital assets. Development is a fundamental piece of our full-service approach.

Alchemy is capable of both owning and operating renewable energy projects from the initial planning phase through completion as well as joining projects at any stage of the development life-cycle.

At Alchemy, we make it a priority to do things the right way. We work hard to validate our projects by utilizing a series of evidence-based practices. This process produces comprehensive analyses tied to due diligence. Our team offers unparalleled expertise in this capacity.

Alchemy’s experts understand the amount of due diligence that comes with the development of any renewable energy project. We can validate projects through our understanding of lease and operating agreements, through production of and interpretation of advanced environmental studies, and through the comprehension of detailed organizational documents.

Our position as a portfolio company of Monarch Private Capital (MPC) allows us to provide execution certainty on purchases that enable our partners to maximize the return on their investments.

Built on the back of decades of institutional finance experience, Alchemy Renewable Energy is ideally qualified to provide bank-backed debt funding for construction projects. Thanks to Monarch Private Capital, our parent company, we also offer in-house funding options. Finally, permanent financing opportunities are available on qualified projects.

Alchemy segments financing for renewable energy projects into debt, tax equity, and sponsor equity. Our ownership by Monarch Private Capital and relationships with lenders allow for ready access to construction capital as well as to permanent financing opportunities.

Because of our full-service approach to renewable energy projects, we can help lenders identify and pursue investment opportunities that offer the best chance for success. For developers, this comprehensive approach means access to vital financial support, along with the information and guidance to take advantage of it.

Alchemy has the interpersonal connections, the strategic partnerships, and the topical expertise to maximize a project’s ROI for all involved. Additionally, we can educate our customers on how to structure a deal to take full advantage of this lucrative market.

Alchemy Renewable Energy’s unique position in the industry provides our clientele with an unrivaled platform for tax credit solutions. Through Alchemy’s partnership with Monarch Private Capital, our firm can provide both state and federal tax equity credits to monetize the Investment Tax Credits (ITC).

Solar investment tax credits provide predictable capital streams. Alchemy is an experienced tax equity resource with a dedicated solar investment tax credit (ITC) team, active joint ventures, and solid trade association support.

We satisfy the primary needs of tax equity investors by helping to offset tax liability and creating economic returns through safe and straightforward investment vehicles. Investing in renewable energy meets those requirements while improving the U.S. economy and the global environment.

Our clients gain access to reliable returns that continue to develop and become increasingly efficient. Through our end-to-end development and financing approach, we put our clients in a position to realize the full benefit of ITCs. Our team manages the underwriting of tax credits and delivers to you returns and financial stability.

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