Project Map

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Project NameStateCityProject TypeCODMWdcMWac
Bartow Solar FarmFLBartowFixed Tilt2018-039.37.2
Cottonwood Solar FarmNCGarysburgHorizontal Single Axis2018-014.1183
Harvest Beulaville Solar FarmNCBeulavilleFixed Tilt2017-042.6862
Hwy 42 Aulander Solar FarmNCAulanderHorizontal Single Axis2016-127.0685
Lafayette Solar FarmNCShelbyFixed Tilt2018-081.8882.04
Meeks Solar FarmNCRobersonvilleFixed Tilt 2017-072.7362.04
Pennsylvania Solar 1PAEphrataHorizontal Single AxisEst 2019-0643.6
Penny Hill Solar FarmNCGreenvilleFixed Tilt2017-092.742.04
Railroad Solar FarmNCPembrokeFixed Tilt2016-125.374.08
Strider Solar FarmNCAsheboroFixed Tilt 2018-046.984.919
Whitney Solar FarmTXKopperlHorizontal Single Axis2017-1214.299.9
Woodsdale Solar FarmNCRoxboroFixed Tilt 2.7972.219
White Street Renewables LFGNCGreensboroLandfill Gas EnergyN/A1.6

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