The Alchemy team is a reliable partner for developers, tax equity investors, and third party lenders. We are congenial, efficient, and knowledgeable about every nuance of renewable energy finance.

Lacie Clark
Lacie ClarkChief Executive Officer
Jonathan Gross
Jonathan GrossChief Financial Officer
Jeff Johns
Jeff JohnsManager of Energy Operations
Liz Dugger
Liz DuggerManager, Renewable Energy Project Finance
Sarah Kuipers
Sarah KuipersGeneral Counsel
Benjamin Sellenriek
Benjamin SellenriekAccounting Manager
Austin Gastineau
Austin GastineauResearch Analyst
Christopher Snyder
Christopher SnyderSenior Financial Analyst
Beth Pettifurd
Beth PettifurdUnderwriting Analyst
Kari Smith
Kari SmithProject Analyst
Billy Huger
Billy HugerManaging Director of MPC Advisors
Chuck Kaiser
Chuck KaiserManaging Director of Financial Investments
Peter Rourk
Peter RourkManaging Director of Tax Credit Investments
Shawn LeMond
Shawn LeMondDevelopment Asset Consultant

Meet our Directors

Monarch Private Capital was founded in 2005 as a partnership between Robin Delmer, an Atlanta-based affordable housing developer, and George Strobel, a high net worth family tax advisor. Today, they bring their experience directly into credit acquisitions and investments.

George Strobel II
George Strobel IIDirector
Robin Delmer
Robin DelmerDirector

The Right Team. The Right Solution.


We purchase and construct development assets as well as buy and sell turnkey projects.

By doing so, we convert unused parcels of land, including but not limited to reclaimed mines, fossil fuel brownfield sites, and landfills into productive capital assets.

Debt Financing

We are ideally qualified to provide bank-backed debt funding for construction projects.

Thanks to Monarch Private Capital, our parent company, we offer in-house funding options. Permanent financing opportunities are available on qualified projects.

Tax Credits

Our unique position provides our clientele with an unrivaled platform for tax credit solutions.

Through Alchemy’s partnership with Monarch Private Capital, our firm can provide both state and federal tax equity credits to monetize the Investment Tax Credits.

Helping create clean power by investing in and attracting investors to renewable energy projects.